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Malvagità bella

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Name:Isabella Stornello
Birthdate:May 15
When Lucifer fell, he did not fall alone. Or so the pious say. They also say that is where starlings have their origins. Birds with midnight black plumage dotted with the celestial stars to always remind them of their fall – and yet such creatures wear this badge of shame with honour and delight. Masters of mimicry and opportunity, starlings ( sturnus in the Latin) became both the atavistic emblem of the Stornello family and their namesake. And like the birds, the human Stornello family had no qualms with inserting themselves into the crevices of the world and exposing any weak prey that would help them advance ever higher the ladder to Heaven.

Malvagità bella ~ Iacobino Venier was a fool.

Of course, no one called him such to his face either in public or in private; for such a rash course of action would not suite the needs of those who thought Iacobino Venier a fool. To truly discover the identity of the personages who held these thoughts, it would be best to begin with those who did not think Iacobino Venier a fool.

Certainly it was not any of the Venier family themselves who thought such a thing. To the contrary, they rather thought him to be more clever than most in advancing himself up the ladder of the Republic’s ruling body. Without a doubt, they whispered amongst themselves, in the ripeness of time the Senate of La Serenissima would elect him Doge, and Iacobino would be the fourth from the family to hold that distinction. Nor was it Iacobino himself who counted it a feather in his cap to have wooed and won the heart (and dowry) of a comely young wife after the death of his first (and arranged) wife. After all, he would tell himself and others, familial obligations had been satisfied and he was free to insist that this second marriage would be one of desire. No one in the family argued: they were happy to let Iacobino desire Isabella Stornello, the daughter of the city’s most promenient merchant houses, whislst they desired the flow of silver and gold her connections would bring to their near to empty coffers. Nor was it any amongst the merchant houses who thought him a fool. Indeed, his solution to bringing more coins into the family coffers via marriage to a young beauty was more attractive (and more enjoyable) than cozying up to the thieves that called themselves bankers. Furthermore, Iacobino’s marriage to one of their own class leant a validity to the thoughts of the well-to-do merchants that they were soon to be on par with the aristocracy, for gold was gold no matter the pocket it emerged from. Amongst the lower classes, who did not look as fondly or lovingly upon their aristocratic patrons as the aristocrats imagined, most agreed that Iacobino had managed to grab some happiness for himself in a life bound by tradition and duty whilst House Stornello had firmly placed their feet in the now opened door of the aristocracy.

Whether or not Isabella Stornello shared these same thoughts about Iacobino Venier was never considered, certainly not by those who joined the man in his congratulations on making his match. Yet these very same things were carefully, quietly, and thoroughly discussed amongst House Stornello behind the thick walls of their warehouse as exotic cargoes of luxury goods from the Orient were unloaded and practical and utilitarian cargoes from the Occident were loaded in the ships that plyed the trade of the family. Behind the smiles and sweet lies laced with pretty words, House Stornello considered Iacobino Venier the ultimate fool.

He traded his soul for a pretty face.


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